Mid-morning snack / drinks

Enjoy our delicious coffee in one of the 30 seats in the café or in summer on our terrace, which offers space for an additional 30 guests. We always strive to offer you the highest level of aroma. Whether cappuccino, café latte or espresso – with or without cake – a good taste experience is guaranteed. 

Come and visit us for your mid-morning break – we offer small sandwiches and breakfast menus in the morning and as mid-morning snacks. Try our cakes with your coffee. And in the afternoon or after work, a tarte flambée goes well with every drink to share. You will always feel at home with us!  

Lunch / children's menu

At lunchtime we offer fine menus with salad or soup already included in the price. There are always different menus on offer, one of which is always vegetarian. The weekly hits are also very popular – chef recommendation, fish recommendation and Lorzenhof hit.

à al carte / special menu / wine

In the evening we pamper you with Swiss specialties. Veal sausage with hash browns is our house specialty. You can find our seasonal offers under the special menu. 


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